Are you willing to Continue a Virtual Date?

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No doubt you’ve been aware of Second existence. Really a software program produced in 2003 which enables users to build avatars and check out a virtual world. Customers through their unique avatars can interact socially with others, participate in individual or group activities, buy and exchange house, travel around the world. Users purchase garments, objects, and motions. Discover 18 million registered users on 2nd Life.

An innovative new organization called Weopia has had this concept and used it to online dating. Their internet site claims to enable you to “get a far better sense of anyone”, “work faster than online dating sites alone” and “to create real life dates twice as successful”.

The style works along these lines: you fulfill some one on an on-line relationship solution. In mail or from the telephone you suggest that you go on a virtual time. One of you joins Weopia and will pay $5. This person directs an anonymous mail invite to another person. You both develop an avatar when it comes down to go out. You’ll be able to be involved in one of many tasks – fly a hovercraft, get sailing, hang gliding.  You can also sit and “talk” via IM.

The service claims unparalleled confidentiality and protection settings.

Very, so is this creepy? A rather helpful device? An odd trend? The fearless new world?

Are you willing to make use of these types of a service?

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